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People who listen to podcasts are incredibly loyal. Once they find a podcaster they really connect with, it’s likely they will research them more AND consume everything the podcaster has to offer.

The best part? It’s also likely they’ll tell ALL of their friends.

That’s the audience you crave. When you start your own podcast, you’ll be opening your content up to people who might never have found you otherwise.

Start a podcast…build connections!

what i do

Podcast management

I can help you…

//  Launch a Brand New Podcast

//  Organize & Revamp an Established Podcast

// Pitch Yourself as a Guest on Other Podcasts 

//  Understand Your Audience

// Market & Grow Your Podcast


A Call

podcast consulting 

Let’s work together and I’ll…

// Guide you through the podcasting process

// Help with Creative Development

// Understand your target audience

// Help you pick a topic & a name

// Help you overcome imposter syndrome

// Get organized and take action!

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business Coaching

Coaching & Support

// Marketing and Business Strategy

// Business Visioning & Planning

// Finincial Education

// Creative Development 

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